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For Pools, Spas and Commercial Water Purification Systems

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  $1629.00 120 Volt

  $1478.00 240 Volt

The PZII-2 can be used on commercial spas all the way up to the largest Olympic size pools.  Because of the dual lamps, it is more reliable than comparable corona discharge systems.

The PZII-2 series are extra quiet with high output compressors to produce maximum ozone production. The PZII-2 is rated for pools up to 50,000 gallons. Installation is fast and easy by simple saddle connection to the return line. Featuring our patented bypass for optimal ozone absorption and extended system life.

The PZII-2 has a hardware warranty of two full years on residential and commercial systems. Plus, they are Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Listed for use in residential and commercial applications. This unit is approved by the Florida State Health Department.

PZII-2 120 VAC, 3.0 AMP 50/60Hz; 240 VAC 2.1 AMP 50/60Hz
Pigtail cord for direct wiring applications
Shipping Weight 27 lbs.
Size 6"X 9"X 21"
Air Flow 20 CFH or 40 CFH with Bypass Venturi
Arc Life (Nominal) 20,000 Hours
Maximum Ozone Output 24 Grams/Day
Ozone Contact Density 1.0 Mg/Liter
Compressor Life (Nominal) 40,000 Hours
Operating Temperature +25 F. to + 135 F.
Storage Temperature -30 F. to +160 F.


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