About Prozone Water Products

How PROZONE Began... In 1966, physicist Ron Barnes began to develop an interest in ozone technology. After considerable study of the research which had already been done, he became convinced that there must be a more efficient way to utilize the outstanding purification abilities of ozone than the system that was being widely used in Europe. That system had several basic implementation problems. First of all, it was a complex system that was unreliable and difficult to maintain. Secondly, it required high voltage that was potentially very dangerous. Finally, it was so expensive to operate that it wasn't really practical. Mr. Barnes' certainty that these problems could be overcome led him to conduct his own experiments with alternate methods of ozone generation. His search for the solution to the implementation problems of ozone purification continued for the next eleven years. Then, in 1977, he built the prototype of the Prozone water purification system.

When Mr. Barnes installed his new system on his own home swimming pool, the results were amazing. Several relatives who usually were unable to swim in a pool because of acute sensitivity to chlorine found they could enjoy his pool without any unpleasant reactions whatsoever. Friends commented on the delightful freshness and purity of the water. His wife noticed the total absence of offensive chlorine smell and damage to her family's hair and bathing suits. His children enjoyed long hours in the pool without the red, burning eyes and dried-out skin they had always associated with chlorinated swimming pools. Mr. Barnes himself was gratified to see that his research had, indeed, led to the solutions he had sought. His system is simple and requires no maintenance at all. It is a low-voltage system that operates on standard household current (120VAC or 240VAC) rather than the hazardous high voltage of other systems. And it is designed for a low initial cost as well as economical operating cost. Friends and acquaintances began asking Mr. Barnes to install one of his ozone systems on their pools and spas. As word of the remarkable new system spread, it became apparent that the market for this product is tremendous. Mr. Barnes arranged for his company, Barnes Development Corporation, to manufacture the ozone purification system. A friend commented that this system was "a real ozone professional;' and from that remark the name Prozone was born. Mr. Barnes formed Prozone Corporation to market his new product.

"It is incredible," Mr. Barnes says, "Prozone literally sells itself. 0bviously I'm not the only person who is fed up with the hassle and expense of pool chemicals. People I talk to are really ready for a change. And they like the idea of keeping their pools clean with a natural purifier instead of masses of chemicals." People who purchase Prozone systems are eager to tell others about their discovery. As Ron Barnes puts it, "The company has grown like crazy!" Finally, in July of 1984, he resigned his position as Project Leader of Advanced Development at NCR to devote his full time and attention to the rapidly growing company. He added several members to his management team, and together they have begun to implement their plan for the controlled expansion of Prozone Corporation.