CSS 5-2 Ozone/Salt Chlorinator for Spas



CSS 5-2 � Prozone combines ozone and salt chlorine generation together in one Complete Sanitation System for Spas.
Oxidation is a process that destroys or burns up bacteria and pollutants. In water, tri-oxygen oxidizes combined chlorine and bromine,
freeing them to be continuously re-used. Therefore, the need of chemicals is reduced. Chlorine is automatically generated from the salt by electrolysis. After sanitizing your spa the chlorine is reconverted to salt and the process repeats Regular granular salt is added to spa water. The Prozone Complete Sanitation Systems have 7 patents and numerous patent pending components Copyright 2009

Spa Size: up to 1,000 gallons
Chlorine Output: 4 grams/hr max
Salt levels 2500 PPM
High Impact Metal Housing with translucent PVC end caps
Electrode Material: 6 Plates Titanium with noble metal
coating of Ruthenium Oxide and Iridium
Salt/Chlorine Generator
Easy Cell Cleaning with:
Acid insertion cell
Ozone diffusion
Auto reverse
Available in 120 or 240 Input Voltage
Operating Temp -25� . to +160� F
Shipping Weight 10 lbs .
Dimensions 4" x 8" x 9"
Plug: All standard spa plugs available

Warranty Information

All warranties are provided by the manufacturer, Prozone Water Products, Spa and Pool ozonators is for a period of 24 months from date of purchase, Air Purifiers are 12 Months, and extends only to the original purchaser. If this unit becomes unserviceable due to defects in materials or workmanship within 12 or 24 months from date of purchase, it will be repaired or replaced without charge. Warranty does not apply to breakage due to obvious misuse. Warranty period for a repaired or replaced unit applies to the original date of purchase of the unit.

A Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number must be obtained from Prozone before returning the product. Product must be returned within 30 days of issuance of the RGA number. If the product is not received by Prozone within 30 days of RGA number issuance, another RGA number must be obtained. An RGA number must be obtained before warranty period expires.

This warranty along with the sales receipt must accompany the unit when it is returned. The RGA number must be printed prominently on the bottom left corner of the address side of the return packaging. To obtain an RGA number, or for any questions regarding warranty service, please contact:

Tel: (256) 539-4570
Fax:(256) 539-4225

This warranty is void if the unit has been opened, or if the product identification label has been removed or altered. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, abuse, accident, fire, flood, lightning or other acts of nature, lack of reasonable care, or connecting the product to any but the specified voltage.

Under the terms of the warranty, manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any injury, loss or damage (direct, indirect, or consequential) arising out of the use of or inability to use the product. Manufacturer assumes no responsibility for labor involved in removal of defective part, shipping or installation of new part. This warranty gives you specific legal rights; other rights may vary from state to state. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied.


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