Pool and Spas Sizes

Spa Ozonators

PZ-1 All Portable Spas
PZ-3 Portable Spas to 800 gallons

Pool Ozonators

PZ-4 -All Above Ground & In-ground pools up to 15,000 Gallons
PZ-7 -Residential Pools to 40,000 Gallons

Compressor Driven
PZ2-1 -In-ground pools to 25,000 Gallons
PZ2-2 -In-Ground Pools to 50,000 Gallons. In-Ground Spas to 2000 Gallons
PZ2-4 -In-Ground pools to 100,000 Gallons & In-Ground Spas to 3000 Gallons

Venturi Driven
PZ2-4V -In-Ground Pools to 100,00 Gallons

Air Purifiers

PZ6-A -Rooms up to 800 sq. ft.
The Twister -Up to 3000 sq. ft.